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Magnetic Screen Door For Your French Door

A magnetic screen door can be installed on your French door. They are popular as decorative screens that can also be used to prevent pests and other insects from entering the home. Magnetic screens are also very easy to install. You can find many different styles and materials for your French door, so it is easy to find one that suits your needs. In this article, we will take a look at some of these options and how they work. You can also learn more about magnetic screen doors for windows.

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A magnetic screen door works by using a heavy magnet to force the screen to close. Most magnetic screens are installed with adhesive on the top of the doorframe. However, some manufacturers use reinforcing thumbtacks on the frame of the door for additional strength. These thumbtacks are often brass or color-coordinated with the screen. This makes installing the magnetic screens a simple process. If you choose to install a magnetic screen door, be sure to read the installation instructions carefully so that you do not cause any damage to your door.

Other magnetic screen doors do not have the built-in magnets that make them automatic. This magnetic screen door has 26 high-energy magnets sewn into the seam of the screen. This way, the magnets are completely hidden and will not sag in the sunlight. However, you should take note that magnets can become brittle when exposed to prolonged sunlight. Therefore, you should install your magnetic screen door in the opposite direction of the door’s swing. For example, if your French door opens outwards, the screen will be on the outside of the frame, while an outward-swinging magnetic screen door should be on the inside. masstamilan

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