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How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger With Furniture and Accessories

One way to make a small room appear larger is to use tone-on-tone fabrics and contrasting colors. Darker colors make a small room seem narrower, while cool colors and delicate warm colors make a small room feel more spacious. White, however, is an ideal color for making a small room appear larger because of its reflective properties. By using a neutral colour scheme, you can make a room seem spacious while maintaining a clean howitstart.

Try hanging a large piece of artwork on the wall, if you have space, rather than placing smaller pieces. Hanging a single large piece of artwork on a wall can open the space while a gallery of smaller paintings or photos will close it. And don’t forget about clutter. Getting rid of clutter will make a small room appear larger. Use clever storage solutions to hide clutter.

Try using contrasting patterns, even if your room isn’t square. A horizontal striped rug will make the room appear longer and wider. Vertical timber panelling and area rugs with stripes will also make a long room look wider. You can also add a bold wall accent on a long wall to draw attention to the ceiling. And don’t forget to use the right furniture and accessories.

Lighting is another important factor to consider. Lighting can make a room seem larger, so make sure that there’s plenty of natural light in the room. You can also install track lighting or add lamps. You can also try incorporating mirrors on walls, which will reflect the light around the room, making it appear larger. And don’t forget the mirror trick! You’ll have a room full of natural light in no time!

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