4 Swim Safety Tips Puppy Parents Should Know

As the weather gets hot and dry, our pets might want to cool themselves in the nearest water hole. While some puppies love paddling, others might enjoy diving into the pool.

Allow Rover to seek relief from the heat but follow some swim safety tips so that soaking in the water is enjoyable and not as risky. Still, it is advisable to consider being prepared with dog insurance so your furry little one’s health is adequately covered with minor economic hassle.

The best pet insurance covers your frisky pup for broader-ranging health conditions up to the benefit limit, so you have one less thing to worry about during distressing health circumstances and emergencies.

Contemplate purchasing a policy, but in the meantime, read this article to learn a few important safety tips to follow before your pupper plunges into the water.


The first decision you should make is where to cool off. For instance, lakes, beaches, rivers, oceans, rocky shores, and local pools are some places where you can take your pooch for a swim.

Thoroughly research the best places to swim in your neighborhood; you can inquire about them in pet stores, camping offices, and social media platforms. Not all swimming places permit dogs, so you might want to check if a particular pool or beach is designated for canine fur babies.

Pay heed to any signs posted. For instance, if a banner warns people, “No dogs”, then it means no dogs; don’t take your poochie in that case.

2.Swimming technique

Every dog has a different swimming style; toeing, wading, jumping, and dipping are some popular styles observed in the dog swimming world. As a responsible puppy owner, you should be sensitive to your pooch’s comfort and never force it to do something it hesitates to do.

Plenty of praise and encouraging gestures can transform your pup from a toe dipper to a swimmer. Otherwise, simply allow your pet to play in the shallow waters, where it doesn’t have to take its feet off the ground.

3.The right time

Avoid peak hours as much as possible. Hot days, huge crowds, and very little privacy can be demotivating and make your pet more anxious. During the hottest part of the day, there is always a chance for your pet to drink water from the swimming pool, which is not good in terms of health.

Early mornings can be a good time for swimming, playing in the water,  and drying off. Also, wild animals are drawn towards water sources during dawn and dusk, so consider avoiding swimming at those times.

4.Bottled water

Carry bottled water, so your furry pet can drink from it when thirsty. This way, you can prevent your four paws from drinking from the pool or lake that might contain chemicals or water-borne pathogens. Also, exercise much care and caution so your furry precious doesn’t suffer from water intoxication.

If your pet lands in such a situation, quickly head to the nearest pet emergency hospital. Timely medical assistance can save your pet from much health trouble, and if you have bought dog insurance already you may not need to worry much about unplanned vet costs, at least.

The best pet insurance comprehensively covers a furry baby’s health however can be costlier than other cheaper policies. Before you contemplate purchasing a policy, assess your pet’s health and your budget so you can optimally utilize it.

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